Hands-On Urbanism: Urban gardening

This spring the architecture center in Vienna is offering a new exhibition about land (re)claims in urban space. A curate collection of projects related to urban gardening and other productive usage of the urban space is now open.

The crisis which the cities are facing after the fall of the modernist planing ideology, has triggered different reactions of the urban dwellers, which find innovative solutions to revitalize and appropriate the urban space.  The collective organization and the resulting self-construction  of urban spaces are in the background of  such movements, which manage to change our urban landscapes through activism.

Organopónicos Populares (Urban Community Gardens) in Cienfuegos, Cuba

© Bohn&Viljoen Architects

The exhibition includes examples of urban space alternative usage and urban gardening from the following cities: Chicago, Leipzig, Wien, Bremen, Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Hongkong, Istanbul, Porto Alegre, Havanna and Quito. It shows how small-scale projects can give rise to larger transformations and change the way in which we experiment and conceive the urban space. A hands-on lesson for the architects and the urban planners. It is definitely the visit worth!

La Quebrada Navarro, Informal settlement and agriculture in the ravines of Quito.

© Catherine Venart

The exhibition was curated by Elke Crasny and designed by Alexandra Maringer. To see more about the exhibition please visit the Architekturzentrum internet site (in german).



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